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Payment & shipping


You do not need to create an account at hemp-cbd-oil.shop.shop. We can handle your order without it.


We offer multiple payment options. Not all are anonymous, read how to make your best choice.


You can make up a name, or you can use your real name. Your shipping address needs to be in your area but can be fake as well.

You do not need an account at hemp-cbd-oil.shop

You can order without an account, but you can also create an account with a your name. You need an e-mail account at hemp-cbd-oil.shop.

Payment with Bitcoin or Western Union.

Paying us with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Before you can do this you need a crypto wallet. If you already have a wallet you are good to go. If you do not have a wallet we suggest you use Moonpay. You create a wallet, buy some crypto and you order at sildenafil.io using your new wallet.

If you want to pay with cash, credit card or bank transfer but still want to stay anonymous you can use Western Union. You can use them online or you can go to their office. When you use Western Union make sure you use our bank info and our order number.


Receive your order anonymous

To receive our shipment anonymously you can give us a fake address. But that fake address needs to be a real address and it needs to be in your area. We will ship your order with DHL. We will use that address to pick a DHL location in your area. You can pick up your order at the DHL location.